In the Hawaiian language, koaniani means a gentle breeze.

The brand brings you hand-crafted accessories that are carefully made of natural materials at their best.

We hope you enjoy the simple beauty of koaniani.

– May the soft breeze gently blow into your heart…

_SHI5228 のコピー

Designed by Keiko Seki

“All my life, I have always been fascinated by the sparkles of little beads and the wonders of shells.

I remember so vividly that, when I was a child, I used to line them up on a table and admire the beauty each different color can create in harmony.

As a grown-up, I am now trying to turn the feeling I adore into something people can wear all the time and I have never felt so happy about what I do.

Almost all of my jewelries are made of natural materials and hand-crafted.”

Keiko Seki – The designer/creater of koaniani is also a fashion stylist mainly working in the fields of movies, theaters and artworks for musicians.

About koaniani – the materials and products



Natural precious stones:

Some materials we use are heated or dyed.

These artificial processes are considered necessary to align the slightly different colors of various stones so that they can bring similar hue or to transform mere stones into beads.



We use natural materials such as coral, freshwater pearl, shells, natural gems and so forth.

Although we make sure the materials are carefully selected, some materials may have minute scars on the surface and so-called “inclusion” or substances inside the gems, all because the materials are natural.



The main metal objects in use are k14 (14kgf) and k10 gold, brass and so on.



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Keiko Seki

 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0001


Email: info@koaniani.com

Website: http://koaniani.com

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